On our recreation team your student will get the experience of performing at 2 recitals and 2 parades while still having a lax learning environment. Your student will study styles such as Jazz, Hip Hop, Lyrical, and Ballet.

They will have the option to compete in 2 competitions. Your student may find themselves getting to dance to some of there favorite songs and learning to find a passion for dance.

We have 2 major recitals during the year, our Fall Showcase and Spring End Of Year Recital, breaking their year into three sections: 

Spring season, Summer season, Fall season.


May - August

During the summer season, in the recreation classes they will get to work routines and combinations for our summer parades we do South Ogden Days (June 22) and South Weber Days (Aug 10) parades each summer.  


September - December

During the fall season our students will learn their dances for the fall show. This show extremely special to us and is one of the staffs favorite times of the year because we get to watch our students come up with an idea, explore it and bring it to life. 


January - April

During the fall season, students will get perform at a full studio dance recital. With a a 2nd recital during the year they will learn a new dance while getting to learn new skills in a different setting. They also have the option of competing this recital routine in 2 competitions. We also do team pictures in the Spring!